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Achilles Tendonitis

How to Quickly & Permanently End Your Achilles Tendonitis Pain

Here's how you can quickly and permanently treat your achilles tendonitis injury and finally get back to your favorite activity, whether that's a sport, work, or just being able to enjoy living day to day without suffering any more pain or frustration...

  • without incredibly painful cortisone injections,

  • without tons of stomach burning ibuprofen,

  • without worthless steroid creams,

  • without $400+ custom fit orthotics that rarely work,

  • and without other expensive physical therapy treatments & meds.

  • Guaranteed.

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Hi, Brent Abel here, and after 35 years of teaching tennis, I've seen literally hundreds of achilles tendonitis injuries.

And in recent months, thousands of achilles tendonitis injury sufferers from around the world have visited and benefited from this website.

And everyone is sick and tired of their constant daily pain and wants the answer to the same exact question... 

"How do I finally get this injury treated quickly, once and for all, so I can get back to my favorite activity (sport, job, life, whatever)...?"

I absolutely know the pain your in right this very minute.

And I've been there myself.  I've personally had several achilles tendonitis injuries.

The first one took 3 months to heal, the 2nd took almost a year, and the 3rd one I finally got smart, did some extensive research, and fixed my achilles tendonitis injury in a very, very short time period.

The so called quick fixes...  cortisone, tons of ibuprofen, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, etc., promise immediate relief.  Blah, blah, blah...

And sometimes, sure, you get some immediate relief, but your achilles tendonitis injury seems to always flair up again.

Dear Brent,

My achilles problems started about 10 years ago.  I could never seem to get any kind of permanent relief.  I could relieve the pain for a week or so, and then it would always come back.

Lots of nagging pain that restricted my activity level.  I love to run for exercise, but I'd been reduced to only a few miles each week.

Incredibly frustrating.

I was constantly in fear that I was going to really do some major damage.

I picked up your program about 6 months ago, and I followed your instructions to the letter.  I was amazed at how quickly I felt confident that I could start to increase my running to levels that I hadn't experienced in years.

I am pleased to announce that the nagging pain I used to have has not returned!

I am now a big time believer in your future prevention phase and very happy that I found your website.

Please feel free to use my email at the website if you think it will help others.

Dan R., Atlanta, GA

You know what achilles tendonitis is, right...?

I'm not going to try to impress you with all of the Latin terms for the different body parts that are involved in an achilles tendonitis injury.  Let's make this simple...

You've got a tendon that connects your heel bone to your calf muscle.  In general, that's the function of a tendon, it connects muscle to bone.  Tendons are not designed to stretch.

When you have an unusual amount of strain on your calf muscle, either over a long period of time or a one time sort of traumatic event, your calf muscle can pull so tightly on your achilles tendon that your tendon can experience several degrees of a tear.

You can stress out the achilles tendon in generally one of 4 ways.

  • Overweight.  One of the most common causes of achilles tendonitis is carrying too much weight.

  • Repetitive stress.  Over time you repeat the same jarring technique, or too much tension, whatever, but slight imperfections in your method (tennis, jumping, running, etc.) will eventually cause the achilles tendon to get stressed, and yep, the tendon can get inflamed.  Ouch...

  • Traumatic event.  You do something such as jump from too high a height, land hard in a sport, cut too quickly in running, or something where that achilles tendon just can't handle the strain from your calf muscle.  The tendon quivers, goes nuts and again, ouch...

  • Too much strength that isn't stretched out.  You over train, over strengthen, and in essence you shorten the calf muscle despite that the fact that it's now stronger.  The calf muscle pulls too tightly on your achilles tendon, and sure enough, here we go again, ouch...

So, the key here is Phase 1:
How do you "heal" the achilles tendon...?

If you don't properly heal that injured achilles tendon, you'll continue to have pain, and if you're like most folks, you'll find a way to go back out there with some goofy idea of why you can keep playing your sport, working, or just plain living without really thinking clearly about how simple it could be to treat your achilles tendonitis.

And the chances are huge that you'll end up doing major damage to some other body part as you compensate for your achilles tendonitis injury.

You MUST provide a healing environment
for this injury.

Injecting stuff into your heel, ingesting copious amounts of ibuprofen, or rubbing "magic" steroid cream at the back of your heel is NOT setting up a healing environment for your tendon to get some relief to relax and start to heal...

Setting up the healing environment for your achilles tendonitis injury requires a combination of heat, stretching, and ice. 

And a short time period of not doing the activity that brought you here.  Short. Several days, not weeks, not months, but you know, a few days.  Be smart.

Phase 2: Strengthening

Once that tendon is healed, when you've reduced the inflammation, you've got to go through a balanced strengthening routine to make your leg muscles stronger while at the same time keeping that strength stretched out.  Remember, too much strength that is not stretched out properly may continue to cause inflammation.

Phase 3: Future Achilles Tendon Injury Prevention

And come on, can you give yourself 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after your sport or work activity to prevent another achilles tendonitis injury...?  Of course you can.

This is not rocket science.  The method for healing, strengthening, and future achilles tendonitis prevention is tangible and anyone can do this.

Hello Brent,

My achilles tendon problems have been cured using your extremely easy to follow program.

I had 3 cortisone injections during the past four years with absolutely no benefit.

I have played more tennis without any pain in the past year than I have for a very long time.

Thanks again Brent.

Stephanie L., Miami, Fl

Hi Brent,
Your program has helped me get back to no pain in my achilles heel within 2 days.

Is this possible?

I was ready to spend a couple of weeks in Phase 1, but I feel I can start the Strengthening phase now.

Awesome Brent!

Kay T., Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Brent,
After years of off and on achilles problems in both heels, I am sure I was clinically depressed.

I had tried all sorts of recommendations from my doctor and was starting to think that he didn't know what he was talking about.

My wife had initially heard about you from her tennis friends, and after she checked out your achilles information page, she suggested I give your program a try.

Well, I couldn't be more pleased with the results!

Thanks Brent for providing this information to those of us out here suffering from this kind of injury.

Josh C., Scottsdale, AZ

Hello Mr. Abel,

My achilles tendon problem is now fixed thanks to your product.

Your icing technique and recommendation for the heel pad gave me the most relief.

Thank you Mr. Abel. 

Toni F., Seattle, WA

This is a 3 phase program.  Healing, strengthening, & prevention...

"Achilles Tendonitis:  The Insider Secrets to Fast Healing, Strengthening, and Future Injury Prevention" is comprised of 3 instructional videos that will take you step by step through each one of the 3 different phases.

This product comes in three versions.  Each version contains the exact same instructional achilles tendonitis treatment videos.

  • Version #1:  Immediate Download only (You get immediate download access to the instructional treatment videos) OR

  • Version #2:  Computer Video CD (The video CD plays in your computer's CD drive and you get immediate download access to the videos) OR

  • Version #3:  DVD  (The DVD plays in your DVD player and you get immediate download access to the videos)

You get immediate access to the instructional video download page.  That's right, you can have this information in the next minute sitting on your computer's desktop.

If you want, you can easily and quickly download the instructional treatment videos (even if your tech skills are minimal...!), and you're all set. 

I've provided easy download instructions at the download page.  This is simple...

And of course, if your tech skills are limited and/or you want a hard copy on a disc, you may order either the Computer Video CD or DVD version.

BONUSES:  My Achilles Tendonitis Treatment product also includes the following valuable FREE bonuses:

  • BONUS #1:  The Psychological Skills Needed for Healing Your Injury: 
    I have produced a separate audio clip with an accompanying outline on the proven benefits of following a specific set of daily visualization and positive self-talk exercises.

    These are tangible specific mental exercises (not some out of body weird "new age" mumbo jumbo) that are proven to increase your injury healing time and to help you stay on track and motivated.

  • BONUS #2:  Injury Treatment Daily Goal Setting and Tracking Log
    Not only must you commit to a daily set of physical and mental exercises / stretches for properly treating your injury, but you also must track your commitment.

    As a BONUS, you also receive my "Injury Treatment Daily Log" where you get a detailed daily plan for each of the 3 healing / strengthening / future prevention phases where you can keep track of your progress.

    Not only is it important to know precisely what exercises / stretches you've been able to perform each day, but your daily log will also serve as a great motivational aid to "keep you going".

  • BONUS #3:  8 Weeks of Follow-Up
    I will follow up with you on a regular basis for at least 8 weeks after your purchase.  I want to make absolutely sure you completely understand each and every exercise and technique in each of the three phases in your treatment program.

    I also want to help you stay motivated with your day to day injury treatment.  There are probably going to be days when you feel great, and staying eager to do your treatment is no problem.

    But there is also a chance that you will face an occasional day when you're just not "into it".  I want to help you get through those days and have you wake up the next morning feeling good that you put in your treatment time the day before. 

    I have zero desire to sell you something and then have you never hear from me again.  I sincerely want to help you treat your achilles tendonitis injury correctly, quickly, and thoroughly.

  • BONUS #4:  Foods, Liquids, and Tension
    I've written a short report on why certain foods and liquids can make it more difficult for your body to heal. 

    Providing a "clean" healing environment for your injury can be enhanced by avoiding specific foods / drinks.

  • BONUS #5:  Brent's World Famous 3 Minute Stretch Video
    Ok, maybe not exactly world famous (!), but this simple 3 minute stretch routine has really done wonders for me over the past 10+ years. 

    Part of your achilles tendonitis injury may be due from other body parts trying to compensate, and the result is not great.

    I do this stretch probably 3-5 times a day.  Not ever at a set time, just whenever I get a few extra minutes during my day.  The benefits are so much better than carving out a 30 minute stretch only once a day.

    What you'll discover with my treatment program is to maintain your calf and other leg muscles in a stretched out condition. 

    You can devote time to stretch once a day, and at best you might get 30-60 minutes of really focused stretching, but for the remainder of those 23+ hours every day, your body is trying to un-stretch itself.  We need to stay stretched out...

GUARANTEE:  You're at zero risk with your purchase.  I want you to get your achilles tendonitis injury treated to your complete satisfaction.  Period.

Try my program for 30 days.  Give it a good honest effort.  If you don't feel significant pain relief, and if I can't get you back to your favorite activity, just say the word and I'll immediately refund your 100% purchase price.

And as they say, no questions asked...

Secure Payment Processing:  I use the folks over at to securely process all of my credit card and PayPal transactions. has been around since secure payment processing was conceived.  Your payment is secure.

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Let's get you started right now.  Just choose the version you want.

The exact same instructional achilles tendonitis treatment videos by Brent Abel are included in each version listed below.

Want to order by phone and not online?  No problem. 

  • $37 - Immediate Download - You get immediate access to the treatment videos and the companion PDF file.  No Computer CD or DVD is sent to you.
    Requires high speed internet connection for the download. 
    DSL, Cable, or faster...

  • $47 - Computer CD and Immediate Download Access

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Good morning Brent.

Just a quick update for you on my achilles injury.

As you know, it's been three weeks since I purchased your program. 

As a high level corporate executive, I have always cherished my time for working out and playing various sports as my stress buster from my job.

My right achilles had been killing me for almost a year, and after seeing doctors and sports medicine pros with no results during that time period, I was frustrated and very skeptical about trying anything else.

What convinced me to try your program was the fact you are in the trenches every day with your tennis students and other tennis players with this injury and I just felt you might have some real world information that could help me.

Well, it has been the best $47 I have ever spent on getting help with a sports related injury.

The sharp pain I had been dealing with was completely gone within 72 hours.  I believe that your stretches and icing system made a huge difference in the quick recovery time.

But best of all, I am back to playing full time in my "old man's" basketball league and doing all of the other sports I love to do on the weekends.

Thanks Brent.   I mean it when I say that you've literally given me back my peace of mind!

Tim G., San Francisco, CA

Brent Abel

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Want to order by phone and not online?  No problem. 

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